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Our Services

Our thorough home watch checklist covers every aspect of your property, inside and out. The list of items to check is fully customizable to your needs.

House Exterior

Landscape condition, Pool/Spa, Lanai, Gutters, Windows & Doors, Garage Doors, Automobiles, and much more...

House Interior

Sinks and Toilets, Ceiling water leaks / stains, Refrigerators / Freezers, Thermostats & Air Conditioning, etc...


Need some work done in your home while you are away? We can oversee the work to your specifications, controlling vendor admittance and ensuring the work is done cleanly and per your instructions.


We can make sure the home you return to is clean, ventilated, and ready for hassle-free occupancy.

Full Cleaning Service

  • Window Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning

Handyman Service

  • Pressure washing
  • Screen repair
  • Touch up paint

Car Service

  • Car transport
  • Car starting to charge battery
  • Damprid placement